Why am i feeling so down for at the moment? i have been a blubbering mess since Saturday,

The more i try to stay strong the weaker i feel and the bigger mess i seem to be,

I am normally quite a strong person, and i am always there for anyone who needs me,


though at the moment i am feeling alone, empty, weak and fragile…. I know i have a lot of friends on facebook and family around that i can talk to if need be, though i still feel alone, i feel like everything i touch seems to fall apart


One thought on “Why?????

  1. It sounds like Baby Blues. You should really at the very least phone your OB Doctor and talk to them about. I had this with my first and second babies (both girls). The second time around it turned into full fledged depression. 😦 I got through it but it was tough and I wish I had seeked helped earlier than I did.

    I know I don’t know you very well at all and are only friends on facebook because of games we play, but I do read your posts and will send positive thoughts your way.

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