So Full On

Today has been so full on and i think its only going to get worse,


I have hd phone call after phone call from councilors regarding everything that has gone on over the past couple of weeks , tying to help me comme to terms with everything and to start working stuff out,

One of the councilors i spoke to mentioned that i need to get seen to and have a proper meeting with them ,something regarding Post Traumatic Stress with what happened with Jade Saturday morning, and how i didn’t have the support i needed on that day,  After Saturday when jade had the convulsions and went pale purple limp and lifeless, it brought back so many memories of Bryce, Memories/ feelings that i really honestly thought i had dealt wit, though she said it is normal to be feeling like i am,

And not to let anyone tell me that i am not a good mother, sh said that she could hear by my voice and my concerns that i do truely love my kids and would never do anything to hurt them


I am that run down at the moment, i have started to get sick again, my throat is burning i have a cough and i am loosing my voice 😦



Though on a good note i ordered more stock today so that should arrive soon 🙂

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