Good Night

So had a really god night last night,

It was the first time in like for ages i was really able to relax and let my hair down have a couple of drinks a really god chat and just be me,

I did feel guilty though while i was out as all 3 kids were home with Daniel and that i should of been at home looking after them,

though a good friend kept telling me that he as only going to tel me once, not to stress and to enjoy myself, so i did, we both had quite a bit to drink, im amazed i woke up alright (slightly hung over needed my sunnys to go out side at 7am in the morning lol was to bright)

I polished off the best part of a bottle of baileys i was quite amazed this morning, though i was sick a couple of times LOL i know piss weak though i havent drank in bloody ages LOL thats my defense


Though yeah it was good to b abl to have a drink with someone and a really good/long chat, i do feel a hell of a lot better now that i havent bottled it up, and it made me put a few things in perspective, tough now torn with what to do, thoghi guess it will all work out, it always does in he end,



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