Her Own Page

Jade has her own page now on Facebook, as i am over the shit that it is causing on my facebook page, with the way that people are judging and criticizing me thinking that i dont have poor Jades best interests in heart and the face that some people just dont listen and love to put their 2 cents in with everything

So only now people who i know do actually care i allow to see the updates about Jade

Jades page is called “Jade’s Updates”


One thought on “Her Own Page

  1. Maybe thats for the best hunni. I know people think they are giving u advice and being helpful but ive read some of the comments and some people do come across as little know it all’s. They are not taking you or your husbands feelings into account and if they think they are they have a nasty way of showing it. You are doing ur very best and Jade is lucky to have such a loving mummy as well as the boys. Not many people have had the life experiences u have had and still manage to see the positive in this world. You are doing mothers everywhere proud. As always u are in my thoughts! Your a very special person to so many people just remember that.

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