On Line Shopping

now i know why i hardly ever do it, its so expensive below is what i ordered hardly anything and its not everything that we need, though it will make do until he weekend when i can get Daniel to watch the kids


Your Woolworths Online order:

Item Description: Substitute? Unit Price: Quantity: Price:
Babylove Nappies Junior Bulk 5+ Years 11-27kg False 15.59 1 15.59
Curash Wipes Fragrance Free Cloth False 3.99 2 7.98
Johnson & Johnson Bath Bedtime False 8.59 1 8.59
Johnson & Johnson Bath Bubble Bath & Wash False 9.70 1 9.70
S26 Gold Specialty Formula Ar False 31.16 1 31.16
Arnotts Tiny Teddy Kids Variety False 2.99 1 2.99
Cheezels Multi Packs Original False 3.17 5 0.00
Hotshots Kids Scooby Doo 10pk False 3.75 1 3.75
Mamee Monster Multi Packs Bbq Noodle Snack False 4.95 1 4.95
Smiths Chips Multi Packs Totally Twisted Variety False 4.99 1 4.99
Dairy Farmers Dessert Strawberry & Vanilla False 7.08 1 7.08
Subtotal: 96.78
Less Discount: 0
Delivery Fee: 13.00
Total Payable (including GST): 109.78

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