I Swear

If i hear one more person say how tired they re i am going to flip 😦 i am beyond exhausted i am up early i mean very early EVERY morning and not going to bed until late each night, i dont even get time to have a nap during the day, i am running on empty…


Daniel quite often throws at me that i cant hold down a job and all that jazz, though o be honest how could i? If the boys are up and wont go to bed, I AM the one who has to getup and look after them, if the boys get up during the night and wont go back to bed I AM the one who gets up to them, if jade doesnt settle I AM the one who gets up to her, so yeah i wouldn’t be able to hold down a job as i am so bloody tired,

If the kids are at daycare and need picking up I AM the one who has to pick them up,  If the boys are to sick to go to daycare I am the one who hasto stay home with them, so what employer is going to keep me working for them?


5 thoughts on “I Swear

  1. Hi hunny, I totally sympathise with you, been there got the t shirt! Lol
    All I can say is it will get better, the kids won’t always be little, and let me assure you that eventually they will sleep through the night! I just wish I lived near you so I could help! Xxxxx

  2. i only said you like you need a sleep with love and affection, so you dump me….was that necessary Sarah….as i feel for you…xxxx

  3. You are beyond exhausted. I don’t know if your body even remembers what it would be like to sleep 6-8 hrs. at night. You are gonna have to re-train it at some point. My daughter has been up since Sunday. Matthew has a stomach virus, vomiting, watery bowel movements, and a fever. She can’t sleep at all. Matt’s fevers have to be monitored very carefully because he has had seizures from them in the past. I will go there tomorrow and take care of him as she has to get back to work. She has been a wreck, which makes me a wreck. She hasn’t let me help her because she was afraid that I would catch the virus. But so far no one has gotten it. Makenzie has been fine. She’s just feeling a little jealous of all the attention that Matt has been getting. But her other grandmother will take her to pre-school in the a.m. and pick her up for me. I can’t wait to hold him, and Kim says I will be holding him all day cause she hasn’t been able to put him down for three days. My poor sweet boy. Nana is coming baby.

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