Hitting the fan

So shit really hit the fan over the weekend to the point Daniel and I were almost over we almost had 5 years of marriage go down the drain after someone went back and told him that I was going to hire a pi in him and also save up money from Sarah’s charms and leave him though they also forgot to tell him why I was going to. A friend asked if he would of went through my computer to find it though I don’t think he would of Daniel has enough respect for me not to go through it as I wouldn’t do the same to him I just want to know why people are hell bent on causing problems for I know that a lot of people are not happy that I am with Daniel though I to love him and most days I am happy being with him

I know I post a lot of crap on facebook that make people think other wise though I am also venting as well as I don’t have people I can just drop everything and go running to

All I can say is to who ever went back is that I hope u are happy with the problems that u have caused


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