SO i guess i should of posted this yesterday so there was no hurt feelings,


I deactivated my Facebook, so i no longer have it, i didn’t go out and delete any one, Facebook seems to be causing a lot of problems so i just deactivated it so it wouldn’t cause any more problems, i did put a post up yesterday stating that i was going to be deactivating it though i am guessing not everyone got to see it


At the moment i just dont need the drama i have so much going on i need t get on top of first maybe one day i will turn it back on though until then it is staying off


4 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. I will miss seeing you on there, but I completely understand. I swear FB and some people! Do what you need to and get the drama away, you have too much as is on your plate.

    • thank you sweetie, i just forgot to mail everyone to let them know so i dont want people to think that i have just deleted them Im always on email or i will update here or you can get me on mobile

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