What is it with people

So I’m at the mater hospital for an appointment for jade and everyone is stopping me to have a look at jade that’s fine I don’t mind though what I do mind is that everyone is taking it upon them self to tell me I need to out weight on and I am so skinny and all that jazz. Hello do you not think that I know this I am so sick of getting lectures about it I’m doing everything I can to put the weight on


One thought on “What is it with people

  1. When I was really thin, like scary soon to be hospitalized thin, people always felt like they should tell me that I was too skinny. Really? I didn’t know my clothes hung off me. Everytime my brother hugged me he told me it was like hugging a skeleton. So I get what you are talking about. Being too thin is as bad as being too heavy. But I never make comments like that to others. Please don’t comment on my appearance.

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