Over done through

So after Tuesday it’s made it easier to say that we are done, no more children for Daniel and I. I know that we were not going to have any more though after the doctors telling us that jade has ceribl palsy it has made it final.

It’s a bit upsetting though to know that our family is now complete I don’t think I was quite ready to say that we are finished though I know that we weren’t planning on having any more I think it just hurts a bit as I love being pregnant and love the thought of bringing another life into the world though we gave pushed fate one to many times so now we are no longer going to tempt it plus I am happy with the children that I have and I know that I will have my hands full with what ever the future holds


Now Taking Orders

Sarah’s Charms is now taking orders, i have a promotion up and running  to help and get Sarah’s Charms out there,



This is the bracelet that is up for grabs, all you need to do is share the photo Its on the Sarah’s Charms wall or under the  “promotions” album in the photos section and there are 3 simple steps that are written under that photo with what you need to do


19th March 2012

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Man charged with baby’s rape, murder

A Gold Coast man has been charged with the rape, torture and murder of a baby boy.

Child protection police have also charged the 32-year-old Pacific Pines man with grievous bodily harm of the baby in Townsville.

The 15-month-old boy died in suspicious circumstances after suffering multiple injuries at his home on April 16, 2011 and being taken to Townsville Hospital by paramedics.

The man charged is the former partner of the baby’s mother.

A Queensland Police spokesman told the Courier Mail the case had been the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

“We had intensive investigations to undertake and we didn’t make an arrest until such time as that had been finalised,” he said.

The man will appear in Southport Magistrates Court on Monday.

Article has come from here




This really makes me sick,  I can not believe there are people like this out there, like WTF praying on a helpless 15 month old child sick bastard

Feeling pretty

Just one it would be nice to feel pretty again I know I can one of the most vain people out there, though that’s still kit the point it’s good to be told that you look nice or pretty every know and again I honestly can’t remember the last to w that Daniel told me that I looked nice in something or that I looked pretty in something a good example is that we went out for valentines day only out to the movies though I got some what dressed up Ina nice dress and jacket and it was like he didn’t even notice he didn’t say one thing to me it was a bit upsetting. Though I guess after having 4 children in 4 years it does kinda take it out of you looks wise I guess don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming my kids one hit as I wouldnt change having them at all though most of the time I natured and drained I feel old and I am sure I look it as well I am 25 going on 26 in June though I feel like I am turning 30 to 35 let alone look it. I went out and brought a whole heap of newish clothes to change the way I dress thinking that would help it did for the first week though doesn’t any more I also changed the way my hair looks as well put 2 different colors in it that didn’t help it either I think I just have massive self esteem issues that also doesn’t help the cause though when I look in the mirror I really hate what I see I honestly hate mirrors now I used to love then lol if I ever past one I always had to look in it though now if I can do anything to avoid looking in it I will 😦

Icing on the cake

Last night was so bad, i panicked and freaked out i really didn’t know what to do,


Daniel went out to his best mates place to hit the piss…… i was left with all 3 kids mind you both the boys were over tired and Daniel knew that,

I had bathed the boys are was just going to make them a bottle and put them to bed, when Jade woke up so i got her up placed her on her play mat and then went into the kitchen to make her a bottle when i heard a thud and then Jade let out one all mighty screamed i ran straight in there and asked what had happened Jason told me that Deacan hurt Jades head, as Jason is at the lieing stage i asked deacan what had happened and he ran from me, so i knew that he threw the toy at her, i picked jade up and was looking her over for lumps and bruises when i noticed a white mark on her head, yet the 1.5kg toy hit her right on the head,


I messaged a friend of mine to see how you could tell if a baby had a concussion and he gave me a call i had problems keeping Jade awake, i was trying to call Daniel to tell him he needed to come home though he didnt answer his phone i sent him a txt saying “answer your fucking phone” and in response i got “i was taking a fucking piss Sarah”

So i told him he had to come home as i needed to take jade to the hospital and all he said was that he wasnt able to drive and that his friend Murray was in no state to drive, yep thats right they were pissed……….

so then i am trying my hardest to find someone to watch the boys so could take jade p to the hospital, then my friend tells me that mum is on her way, so i rush next door to get my neighbor over to watch them until my mum got there, i was on the phone to 000 and they asked me if she was awake/concuss she was on my shoulder and wasnt moving i told her that and she said to lay her down, mind you this time i am crying and in panic mode

I lay jade on the couch and she wasnt moving, i tried to “rough” her up and still wasnt responding well, the lady on 000 said that the ambulance was coming bells and whistles and wouldnt be long before she was there, i was so scared, my friend told me not to let her sleep as she could go into a coma and what had i done i had let jade go to sleep on my shoulder,


I am so angry at myself i should of been watching her, i shouldnt of turned my back let alone left her in the same room as the boys and for them to be left unattended,



though the icing on the cake is that daniel hasnt bothered to ask how she is i told him that the ambos were there and taking her to hospital and not once last night did i get a txt asking how she was………


I am so pissed off and so upset…. i just read something that made my blood boil………

All i wanna do is cry… it so god dam fucking unfair……



Why didnt my son have a chance for? why didnt they try to save my son for?

Why did they let my son die inside me for? why didnt the listen to me when i was screaming at them to cut me and take him out for……..



I am happy that some other parents dont have to go through what i have, though on the other note i am extremely pissed off that they decided that my son didnt stand a chance