I jar had to share this as I agree with the poster of this blog. Unless by have been through the death of a child you have no idea what it is like of the heart ache felt

Tiny Glimmers

Today, I came across  this article . I was horrified.

How dare someone (and someone who has never experienced baby loss, I’d guess) tell baby loss mothers that we shouldn’t be sharing our losses! Shame on them.

People share when they lose their parents, their spouses, even their dogs, but I shouldn’t share the loss of my son, because it makes other’s “uncomfortable?”

I share because I’m proud, he is my child, my only child, my first born. I love him and I’m proud of him. I am proud to share him with the world. We loss mothers, have to run into endless photos of everyone else’s children, of babies laughing and cooing, and yes we wish that we could have that with our children. But we can’t. So, why shouldn’t we share our photos, our children’s lives, no matter how short? If others are uncomfortable they can leave, they can choose…

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