At a loss

I am at a loss with what to do with the boys everyone keeps telling me it’s just a stage and that they will grow out of it. Though the only thing that is happening is they are getting worse.

They are doing what ever they can to be naughty it doesn’t matter if I see them do it or not if I do they just smile and laugh at me.

This morning for example I get up to find Deacan at the microwave putting crap in it and turning it on we are lucky that nothing caught on fire he had my iPhone box in there and a whole heap of random plastic crap as well the box was to hot to touch it burnt my hand to get it out.

They both know they are not allowed on the bench though they keep getting up on there and getting into everything. It doesn’t matter how many times we take them down from it, move them away, give them time out or smack them they jut keep doing it

The tantrums ate getting worse as well Deacan just screams and throws himself around and pushes everything or throws crap at you he gets him self that worked up he throws up or goes into a massive coughing spree. I honestly want to catch it on camera so I can show people just how bad it they get

Nothing seems to work with them with disciplining them I am seriously at a loss I have no idea what to do with them any more


One thought on “At a loss

  1. Have you tried taking everything out of their room if you have room for all their toys elsewhere, and when they’re naughty leave them in their room with nothing in it but their bed and wardrobe, etc? Get them to clean up their own mess if they make a mess. And ignore them. If they aren’t getting attention for their behaviour it should stop. Will take time but hopefully will teach them that their behaviour reaps no rewards. Give back their toys little at a time when they are good and take it away again when they’re bad. Worked for me as well as the smacks when I had tantrums.

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