Feeling pretty

Just one it would be nice to feel pretty again I know I can one of the most vain people out there, though that’s still kit the point it’s good to be told that you look nice or pretty every know and again I honestly can’t remember the last to w that Daniel told me that I looked nice in something or that I looked pretty in something a good example is that we went out for valentines day only out to the movies though I got some what dressed up Ina nice dress and jacket and it was like he didn’t even notice he didn’t say one thing to me it was a bit upsetting. Though I guess after having 4 children in 4 years it does kinda take it out of you looks wise I guess don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming my kids one hit as I wouldnt change having them at all though most of the time I natured and drained I feel old and I am sure I look it as well I am 25 going on 26 in June though I feel like I am turning 30 to 35 let alone look it. I went out and brought a whole heap of newish clothes to change the way I dress thinking that would help it did for the first week though doesn’t any more I also changed the way my hair looks as well put 2 different colors in it that didn’t help it either I think I just have massive self esteem issues that also doesn’t help the cause though when I look in the mirror I really hate what I see I honestly hate mirrors now I used to love then lol if I ever past one I always had to look in it though now if I can do anything to avoid looking in it I will 😦

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