Suck It Up

Im sorry though i am such an emotional mess at the moment,
Im so over people telling me how Lucky i am that i never went to term with my kids, that i had them early. I am so over hearing about people bitch they have had enough and want their baby out, i know i used to bitch when i was pregnant that i was over it, though i was having constant contractions every day, some days lasting fr up to 6 hours before they would stop,

I have had to bury a child… one of the hardest days of my life, i had to lower that little white casket down into a whole where my son would lay for all eternity, never know who his mummy and daddy was, never getting to feel our touch never getting to know our love…. he was born to early

I have had another son, that i watched for 88 days ofhis life fight for his life, i watched him go to hell and back just so he can be here with us now, he might be behind other children his own age and he might be slow though he is one hell of a fighter,

I have had another son i fought for 10 weeks straight in hospital to keep him inside, laboring for days on end trying to keep him in….

then i have my special little girl, who was born severely sick and we were told to say good bye to when she was born, though she has fought hammer and tongs to be here now, yes she has a disability though so what, she has a smile that can brighten up a room,

so the next person to bitch to me about being pregnant and wants it to be over with, count yourself lucky suck it up and just fucking deal with it,

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