Kinda Upset

So looks like the home buisness that i put a lot of work into has failed 😦 I have done one promo with a free bracelet thinking that would hep get customers, i have donated a bracelet to a charity for an auction, the winner o the auction gets to choose their own bracelet, and i have now donated a $15 gift voucher to another charity to help raise much needed funds….



What am i doing wrong? are the charms that ugly? i know i dont have it priced to high as i dropped all my prices, maybe i should just give up 😦


One thought on “Kinda Upset

  1. It may b that there are a lot of knock off pandora style braclets around & have been around for some time now. U need to do something different that no one else has done or got to catch the eyes of people. May b u need to advertise a little more. See if someone can help u with a cheaply made brochure and may b do a letter box drop & add a promo (for example recommend a friend and receive free postage on your next order or 5% off and or may b buy 3 braclets & receive 5% off the
    forth one. And mark the flyer as a 4 week opening special). I say try & get the word out there more & don’t just do your own area drive to different suburbs then get out and do a walk letter box drop, may b drop a few off at the boys daycare look into advertisement in the local paper or find a well known advertising place (radio) may b donate to their cause & see about them found a free ad for u. Try & get the word out first. If that does not work then I would just say there may just b too many of the same thing around, have u looked at other prices that places charge? Also I saw at our local take away shop they had a small jewelry stand with some of those braclets on with price tags, see if some where will have one of your stands in their shop. People r more likely to buy if they see it while waitting for something else.
    GOOD LUCK – u have worked too hard to just give up now – put more physically into it & slow done on the financial side of it, start small & work yur way up to big & bigger :-)…

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