Been MIA

I am so sorry hat i haven’t really posted in a while, thing have just been really getting to me,


There is so much that i want to say though just dont honestly know how to say it all, plus this is so much going on that i just want to get out its really hard to just blurt it all out, …yes yes i know… for one i am finding it hard to say things… a tad bit of a shock hey… LOL….



First off it has been 15 days since i had my last smoke, feeling quite goo about it, though also missing it at the same time.. though i know i am better of not smoking and i will feel better about it in time 🙂 Im still on the patches now, though only on te final step now, 5mg/16hour patch,  so ill be on hem for a week or two then be off them….



Jade is doing well, she is a little porker, jade is now on solids either 2 or 3 times a day now, just depends on how hungry she is…


thats all i have time to post now, as jade is awake and hungry!!!!!! ill getback on later and post more then


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