1 week… 7 more days…..

Until my hear re shatter’s again… people keep telling me that this day wil get easier and easier though its not if anything its getting harder and harder… as i am thinking about wha the should be doing now, how he would look, how his voice would sound…. and how he wuld be with his brothers ans sister… and just how my life would be knowing i didnt have to walk around with this hole in my heart


SO now stupid me is sitting here crying just thinking about all the things that he could of should of been doing…

One thought on “1 week… 7 more days…..

  1. Sweetie, you aren’t stupid for crying. You are a heartbroken Mom facing the anniversary of her son’s death again. I don’t know if it gets any easier, I don’t know how it can….maybe it just gets different. My heart aches for your loss and your sadness. I can feel it from across the other side of the globe. (((hhh)))

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