Where do i start….. Wednesday was one scary ass day for me,


First off it started with me getting up and all with the kids getting all 3 kids off to daycare the day hadn’t started off to good, i was getting some pretty bad lower left hand side pains, plus the boys had hid my patches as well so the day was not going to a good start…  I was meant to have a dentist appointment as well, tough the amount of pain tat i was in i didnt really want to go to the dentist.. so i cancelled it and made it for another day, though  did make a doctors appointment so i could get this pain seen to as i knew something was wrong i had never really been in this much pain for this long unless i was in labor….


Any how i went and done the shopping felt a small gush or liquid didn’t think to much of as i just thought it could of been a little bit of discharge.. started putting the shopping away got all that done, put the dishes on ad don a load of washing… i had a massive pain the doubled me over and i couldnt move all i wanted to do was cry…  once the pain eased i had a massive urge to go to the bathroom, i went and peed then when i wiped i looked at the toiled paper it was bright red and had clots all over it, i stood up and looked in the bowl it was ju st red and had a heap and i mean a HEAP of blood clots in it, i had just full on hemorrhaged i looked in the mirror my face was white as could be, around my eyes were dark and i was dizzy as anything, I called 000 straight away



i will right more later have to help with the kids

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