When is it enough?

There is always one thing after another with my family and me, between Daniel the boys jade and myself there is always something wrong, we never get to catch  brake, like yeah i know there are people worse off than us out there, though it just becomes so much when its just one thing after another and no time in between them,

Since Sunday i have been in bed most of the day expect wen Jade has needed a feed or when the boys are home from daycare as i have been vomiting since Sunday night and just feeling really nauseous during the day 

then yesterday i speak with my doctor and because I’ve been having a lot of problems down there with hemorrhaging and pain hospital done tests and sent them to my doctor I have a tumor in my uterus they don’t know if it’s cancerous or not they have moved my gyni appointment up to next month now and the doc is talking about taking everything out…

Its just never ending 😦

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