Karma is a very powerful thing and I believe in it well and truly,

If you do good, you get something nice in return, it might not always happen straight away though still you receive it back


If you do something bad, karma will turn around and make you have it back, usually it it worse than what you done already



SO in this case i really HOPE karma turns around and bites you on the butt and stings you as hard as she can, it will teach you throw around accusations that are not true


I don’t think i could get any more angry than what i am now, i don’t think the person/s know just how much trouble or grieve they have caused my self and my immediate family, though i hope you are happy, In some ways i shouldn’t be angry as i know the tables will turn and you will get it back and in all honesty i hope it is at least 2 fold.


How would you/they like it if we made the same accusations about them,  Dont worry you tried to stay anonymous though we know who you are,


Love thy Family part 2

Back to the days of our lives saga……

SO i have one family member who thinks they are king shit and more, she started shit on my Facebook page ages ago for the first time regarding the death of my son, i don’t remember every single piece of it, though it was pretty much along the lines that i should be over my sons death, mind you this one fight started about 2 years ago, SHe has lost a child due to SIDS mine was still born, and as harsh as this sound at least she got to bond with her child at least she got to take her child home to start with and have it be part f the family before the child passed away (cant remember if it was a boy or a girl) i didnt get to do any of that, the day i left the hospital i had to leave my son behind i walked out of that hospital lucky to have my life, and childless and heart broken, though after we made up over that fight she then got on inbox/chat thing on facebook and told me that we should make up an argument a very heated argument to see what others would say ad to stir things up (2 faced much) i didnt do it as i knew it would cause my nan stress that wasnt needed)

though getting back to this fight that has only just really started, my sister was in hospital sick, some medication that the dentist i think it was almost killed her it was poisoning her and i wasn’t aware i didn’t know that she was in, this family member abused the living shit out of me because i didn’t see or seem to care how my sister was, though i don’t go around stalking peoples Facebook pages, i was also in hospital sick myself and so was my daughter, My sister hardly ever posts anything on facebook, like status wise, and when she does it usually gets hidden with game posts that go through my news feed,  and same with her page so i didnt kow as soon as i was told what was going on with her i  checked to see how she was and kept asking every day after until she was back home and ok,

though this tough family member had to post this

one little relly of mine should really read her status and apply it to herself, she has lots of friends on FB, if only they knew..just wondering if i slapped the back of her head long enough,,,could her 2nd face show up!! i respected my parents no matter what,wish she would…..just sayin’

I would honestly like to see her try… for one she would have the cops called on her and secondly i would no doubt smack her one back, She is FAR from welcome at my house, if she ever stepped foot on my property i would have her charged with trespassing i don’t care if she is family she is only family via blood that’s it

Though yeah wanna talk about being 2 faced??? she wanted her and I to started a nasty argument just to see what peoples reaction would be as she thought it would fun, My nan Hates it and i mean HATES it when the family fights… though yeah 2 faced alright, so now that’s the second family member that is now out of my life for good, washed my hands and my heart of them

So now because of all this  (i think only because of this) my nan has deleted me off Facebook, though that’s her choice, because she has now deleted and blocked me i haven’t called to see how she is or how my pop is going, as i don’t even know if she would answer

so now days of our lives episode 2 has now come to an end stay tuned for episode 3

Birthday party

Last night was a lot of fun, I had a birthday party for my 26th birthday even though my birthday isnt until tomorrow I decided to celebrate it last night as I have to work tomorrow from 4pm to midnight so i won’t really get to see Daniel for it. Though the party was a success for the people who did show up. I had one lot not show up at all they didnt even bother to txt or send me a message through Facebook this was even after they told me they were coming then I also had a few cancel on the day as well one canceled early in day as they were sick I wasn’t happy that people canceled though there isn’t much you can do about it when they are sick and others left it until I sent them messages to cancel and that part pissed me off as u had catered and all or every one I thought was coming.

A lot if photos were taken last night and we got some really good ones, some bad ones and other ones that just made you laugh….

Though what irritates me the most is that I posted them on facebook and people had to see the negative in the photo instead of the funny side so they comment on the negative instead were as others seen the funny in it. Though I guess when u post them on a social net working sight like Facebook you can’t monitor the comments that are left. And there will always be someone that has to leave a negative comment though that’s Facebook for you!!!!!

Daniel also took me to the movies today we went and seen snow white and the huntsman it was an ok movie. Not one that I would pay again to go see. It just didn’t have the ending that you would expect it to have though I would have to rate it 3 1/2 to 4 stars

Oh yeah before I go I also have to mention what a great job my friend Leonie done with my birthday cake it was awesome it was very yummy and very pretty you could tell a lot of work went into it I was a bit scared to cut into it as it looked to pretty I didnt want to wreak it…..

Anyway that’s it for now the boys are at each other and fighting and like normal Jason is coming off second best

Love thy famil

Love thy family this is a quote or it’s out of the bible I’m not 100% sure what one it is though it’s something that we should live by and I try my hardest to keep

Though I have decided to wipe my hand and heart clean with all the drama that has been going on. It all started on my Facebook page when my father had a go at me for what myself and a lot of others think was not called for and the more I tried to just drop it the worse he got he must of been on one of his drunk bingesas the footy had finished and his AFL team won. Though he said a lot if uncalled for things and a lot of things that’s cant be forgive. Then he started to crap on about how I’m only after sympathy and all that bullshit then he implies that I post about Bryce for sympathy comments yes that’s write unbeknown to me I post about my son that died during child birth for sympathy he was just egging for a fight and yep he got one. I am not and I mean I am not going to have someone that was a drunk for most of my life tell me what I should be doing with mine, in saying that I should be grateful though because how he was when we were growing up has taught me how not to raise my children 9 out of 10 memories I have of wi. Or with him in it he has some form of alcohol in his hand or he is passed out drunk and I’m sorry though if it comes across that I’m being harsh though in telling the truth

Or he goes on about how I put my kids in daycare and how he never put us in child care and all that jazz he is right he never did he just dumped us on his mother. Our nan raised us most of our lives either because my father was away working or not in a state to care for us stuffed if I no

Though he has a go at me posting stuff to get sympathy comments on my Facebook though he does the same thing ” I have 6 grandchildren and I don’t know any of them” well seriously who’s fault is that u packed your stuff up and left the state with out saying good bye to any of us then he doesn’t bother to call to see how any of them are he down right forgot about my sons birthday and I think he forgot about my sisters children’s birthdays as well si why should we bother when he doesn’t seem interested at all

Well that’s all I’m going to post for the moment as I have cookies in the I’ve got to get out I’ll get to the rest of the days of our life soon


So I have wanted to make this post for a while though wasn’t 100% sure how to go about it like how I would word it with our it being thrown back in my face though you know what I honestly couldn’t care If it is or not as I don’t believe I should have to curb what I write in my own blog. I haven’t let it stop me in the past with writing so I guess why should I now?

Though getting back to the title Respect how do u determine who gets your respect? Do you give your respect out to anyone just willy nilly or do people have to earn it or work for it? I was brought up with the belief that Respect has to be earned its not a given right and so with that said, I don’t go out giving my respect out to anyone with out them earning it first I don’t care how old or how young the person is nor if the person is a family member a friend or just some random person

See respect for me is a really hard thing to get though it’s something that can be taken away very quickly and it can be very hard to get back again

I did have a big thing I wanted to put out there and type up though I’m on my mobile and this has been playing on my mind so I just thought I would type this out quickly. Though I have to go little miss jade has started and I need to go and tend to her so I will type up more later