So I have wanted to make this post for a while though wasn’t 100% sure how to go about it like how I would word it with our it being thrown back in my face though you know what I honestly couldn’t care If it is or not as I don’t believe I should have to curb what I write in my own blog. I haven’t let it stop me in the past with writing so I guess why should I now?

Though getting back to the title Respect how do u determine who gets your respect? Do you give your respect out to anyone just willy nilly or do people have to earn it or work for it? I was brought up with the belief that Respect has to be earned its not a given right and so with that said, I don’t go out giving my respect out to anyone with out them earning it first I don’t care how old or how young the person is nor if the person is a family member a friend or just some random person

See respect for me is a really hard thing to get though it’s something that can be taken away very quickly and it can be very hard to get back again

I did have a big thing I wanted to put out there and type up though I’m on my mobile and this has been playing on my mind so I just thought I would type this out quickly. Though I have to go little miss jade has started and I need to go and tend to her so I will type up more later


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