Love thy famil

Love thy family this is a quote or it’s out of the bible I’m not 100% sure what one it is though it’s something that we should live by and I try my hardest to keep

Though I have decided to wipe my hand and heart clean with all the drama that has been going on. It all started on my Facebook page when my father had a go at me for what myself and a lot of others think was not called for and the more I tried to just drop it the worse he got he must of been on one of his drunk bingesas the footy had finished and his AFL team won. Though he said a lot if uncalled for things and a lot of things that’s cant be forgive. Then he started to crap on about how I’m only after sympathy and all that bullshit then he implies that I post about Bryce for sympathy comments yes that’s write unbeknown to me I post about my son that died during child birth for sympathy he was just egging for a fight and yep he got one. I am not and I mean I am not going to have someone that was a drunk for most of my life tell me what I should be doing with mine, in saying that I should be grateful though because how he was when we were growing up has taught me how not to raise my children 9 out of 10 memories I have of wi. Or with him in it he has some form of alcohol in his hand or he is passed out drunk and I’m sorry though if it comes across that I’m being harsh though in telling the truth

Or he goes on about how I put my kids in daycare and how he never put us in child care and all that jazz he is right he never did he just dumped us on his mother. Our nan raised us most of our lives either because my father was away working or not in a state to care for us stuffed if I no

Though he has a go at me posting stuff to get sympathy comments on my Facebook though he does the same thing ” I have 6 grandchildren and I don’t know any of them” well seriously who’s fault is that u packed your stuff up and left the state with out saying good bye to any of us then he doesn’t bother to call to see how any of them are he down right forgot about my sons birthday and I think he forgot about my sisters children’s birthdays as well si why should we bother when he doesn’t seem interested at all

Well that’s all I’m going to post for the moment as I have cookies in the I’ve got to get out I’ll get to the rest of the days of our life soon


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