Birthday party

Last night was a lot of fun, I had a birthday party for my 26th birthday even though my birthday isnt until tomorrow I decided to celebrate it last night as I have to work tomorrow from 4pm to midnight so i won’t really get to see Daniel for it. Though the party was a success for the people who did show up. I had one lot not show up at all they didnt even bother to txt or send me a message through Facebook this was even after they told me they were coming then I also had a few cancel on the day as well one canceled early in day as they were sick I wasn’t happy that people canceled though there isn’t much you can do about it when they are sick and others left it until I sent them messages to cancel and that part pissed me off as u had catered and all or every one I thought was coming.

A lot if photos were taken last night and we got some really good ones, some bad ones and other ones that just made you laugh….

Though what irritates me the most is that I posted them on facebook and people had to see the negative in the photo instead of the funny side so they comment on the negative instead were as others seen the funny in it. Though I guess when u post them on a social net working sight like Facebook you can’t monitor the comments that are left. And there will always be someone that has to leave a negative comment though that’s Facebook for you!!!!!

Daniel also took me to the movies today we went and seen snow white and the huntsman it was an ok movie. Not one that I would pay again to go see. It just didn’t have the ending that you would expect it to have though I would have to rate it 3 1/2 to 4 stars

Oh yeah before I go I also have to mention what a great job my friend Leonie done with my birthday cake it was awesome it was very yummy and very pretty you could tell a lot of work went into it I was a bit scared to cut into it as it looked to pretty I didnt want to wreak it…..

Anyway that’s it for now the boys are at each other and fighting and like normal Jason is coming off second best


One thought on “Birthday party

  1. Lol your welcome 🙂 … N yeah the negative comments are a pain … I’m so jealous u seen snow white n the huntsman lol even with a bad rating from ya I still wanna see it hahaha

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