Love thy Family part 2

Back to the days of our lives saga……

SO i have one family member who thinks they are king shit and more, she started shit on my Facebook page ages ago for the first time regarding the death of my son, i don’t remember every single piece of it, though it was pretty much along the lines that i should be over my sons death, mind you this one fight started about 2 years ago, SHe has lost a child due to SIDS mine was still born, and as harsh as this sound at least she got to bond with her child at least she got to take her child home to start with and have it be part f the family before the child passed away (cant remember if it was a boy or a girl) i didnt get to do any of that, the day i left the hospital i had to leave my son behind i walked out of that hospital lucky to have my life, and childless and heart broken, though after we made up over that fight she then got on inbox/chat thing on facebook and told me that we should make up an argument a very heated argument to see what others would say ad to stir things up (2 faced much) i didnt do it as i knew it would cause my nan stress that wasnt needed)

though getting back to this fight that has only just really started, my sister was in hospital sick, some medication that the dentist i think it was almost killed her it was poisoning her and i wasn’t aware i didn’t know that she was in, this family member abused the living shit out of me because i didn’t see or seem to care how my sister was, though i don’t go around stalking peoples Facebook pages, i was also in hospital sick myself and so was my daughter, My sister hardly ever posts anything on facebook, like status wise, and when she does it usually gets hidden with game posts that go through my news feed,  and same with her page so i didnt kow as soon as i was told what was going on with her i  checked to see how she was and kept asking every day after until she was back home and ok,

though this tough family member had to post this

one little relly of mine should really read her status and apply it to herself, she has lots of friends on FB, if only they knew..just wondering if i slapped the back of her head long enough,,,could her 2nd face show up!! i respected my parents no matter what,wish she would…..just sayin’

I would honestly like to see her try… for one she would have the cops called on her and secondly i would no doubt smack her one back, She is FAR from welcome at my house, if she ever stepped foot on my property i would have her charged with trespassing i don’t care if she is family she is only family via blood that’s it

Though yeah wanna talk about being 2 faced??? she wanted her and I to started a nasty argument just to see what peoples reaction would be as she thought it would fun, My nan Hates it and i mean HATES it when the family fights… though yeah 2 faced alright, so now that’s the second family member that is now out of my life for good, washed my hands and my heart of them

So now because of all this  (i think only because of this) my nan has deleted me off Facebook, though that’s her choice, because she has now deleted and blocked me i haven’t called to see how she is or how my pop is going, as i don’t even know if she would answer

so now days of our lives episode 2 has now come to an end stay tuned for episode 3


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