So today is just another day in paradise. It’s a cold day quite cold to be exact though the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky.

The boys (Jason and deacan) are being their typical self trying to see just how far they can push mummy with trashing the house, getting into things they shouldn’t be and emptying out the pantry….
Jade is good she is sleeping, she is some what advancing well she is getting very vocal now so Daniel and I are saying words to her to try and get her to say her first word. Her eczema is getting worse we are trying everything to get it to settle down though it just keeps flaring up, we also have socks over her hands to try and stop her scratching it though the clever little bugger will take them off and scratch when we turn our backs.

Work is going good getting some good hours and it’s starting to pick up so it’s not that slow any more so that’s a good thing

I think I am going to change the kids daycare again as I’m not happy with the crap that they are doing and the accusations that they are making… Some of them are just down right stupid. They think I don’t look after the kids as Jason always has a cough or runny nose though he is an ex 25 weeker he doesn’t have the immune system that you or I would plus mind you we are in the middle or winter now so there are things going around you should see the top of our medicine cabinet it’s filling crap for the kids I also went out and spent over $100 on natural stuff to help build the immune system though like normal that still won’t be good enough because in ther eyes I dont look after my children…… Maybe if the had a look at the amount of times I take them to the doctor or the hospital to get checked out their eyes might open

The days of our lives is still happening I think that is just going to be a non stop thing always bitching about something and can NEVER keep their nose on their own business though I guess if they keep trying to butt in the grass must be greener on my side of the fence an their own back yard is full of crap or they suck up to others to try and dig for goss though I have now cut them out of my families live it couldn’t make me happier to have nothing to do with them any more as my kids dont need that bull shit.

I guess everything has just gotten to me I can’t vent properly as t would look like I am looking for sympathy so I can’t just let it all out. People just don’t realize that I have enough going on with out them adding to it. My life is hectic enough with out anyone else adding their own drama into it…..

I guess that is it for now the kids are to full on and I have to keep getting up to check on the and putting my mobile down and they grab it and run off with it so until next time take care and I will post more when I can


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