Wednesdays event!!!!!

long story short Jade had one of her seizures at daycare on Wednesday she has focal dyscongnative seizures (partial seizures or blanking episodes) she doesn’t have them like every day and there is no warning signs that she is going to have one before she does, any how daycare know that she has them and that she is on meds for them, she had one that lasted a min or less, thugh her recovery time was bad she didnt pick straight back up after her seizure, like normal, so any way i get a call from the carer in the morning saying that jade is sleepy abnd a bit fussy i said that it could either be cos she is constipated, teething or because her meds have been upped, she says that she will try a few thing to see if that helps her, i told her that if those didnt work let me know and ill come pick her up

any way about an hour later i get a call from the director saying that they are really worried about her as she is limp and not breathing right, when she said that i yelled at her to call 000 and i will meet them at the hospital, as i went to hang up the phone adnd run out the door she is yelling my name i stop and continue to talk to her, she then said what was happening i asked some questions like if she went into her staring episodeds she said yes i said she has had a seizure call the ambulance i am on my way,

So pretty much Jade had, had a seizure she was all limp/floppy nd not breathing right and they wanted me to pick her up they had no intentions on calling an ambulance until i told them to…. i have told them before if she has a seizure to just watch her and that if she doesnt pick back up or has breathing problems/goes blue around the mouth to call 000


SO wouldnt common sense tell you to call 000… so now i think it is time to look for another child care center, as  i am really pissed off about this… though heres the thing daycare dont think they are in the wrong they think i am in the wrong and that i am an unfit mother

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