Missing In Action!!!!!

SO i haven’t made a post in a while and I’m sorry thing have been quite busy here between the kids and myself,  And i now have a quite moment to sit down and write, though i am pretty sure i will miss some things out

I am determined to get rid of a lot of things, i have been sorting through the house and there is just so much stuff that we don’t use anymore, Jade has a lot of clothes that she has out grown the boys have some to that they have out grown, there are bits and pieces around the house that just dont get used any more and are taking up room that is more needed for other things, i am so sick of this house looking clutted,  I have taken photos of things and placed it on a Facebook group called Logan Buy and Swap though guess that everyone has the same idea as me, and a lot of people just dont seem interested,


I have been putting a lot of things up on eBay though they are not selling for what they are worth people are getting them for a lot cheaper, plus eBay keeps hitting me with fees, I am also trying to get rid of some of Sarah’s Charms old stock as well, though someone seen me post something regarding it, and has now decided that they want to post all about their  “business”  I know that i have to deal with competition though hey… no need to try and take over



I got myself a new car and i love her ❤ its a 2004 BA Ford Falcon Sedan, and she handles like a dream, i traded my old car in….  i guess my old car was ok though i just got sick all the leaks it had  it leaked Oil, Power Steering Fluid and Coolant pretty bad, so i was for ever replacing it, and it would of costed me a s**t load to get it fixed and i am sorry though i only paid $2500 for the car, and i already had to get the Mechanic to fix it and the repair bills were starting to cost more than what the car did so it had to go, Plus i didnt feel safe in it with the kids as i had a couple of near misses, though yeah, i have the car under finance for the next 5 Years…..



Work is going really well i didnt have many shifts this week, i only had 2, SO by the looks of it next pay is going to be small,m i think i might start looking for a second job for during the Week days,  though i really love my job now for Brisbane After Hours Doctors, the staff there and the Doctor there are very lovely, and i actually enjoy going to work and look forward to my shifts, though i need some extra income coming in



I had a Doctors appointment the other day to get blood test results, my Iron is really low, its sitting at 13 when it should be at 35 so he has placed me on a 310mg iron tablet that i have to take each day, also my blood work showed up i have rheumatoid arthritis, i have to go for repeat blood work in a month then he is going to send me to a specialist though i think i will go back earlier as its starting to play up,  He sad that i am in “Early stages” of it and it quite hurts  now so i would hate to see it in full stages… i dont mean to sound rude though i always associated arthritis with old people


Jade is doing well she has only had 1 more seizure since the last lot she had a daycare, she LOVES her feet at the moment, and she is trying to sit herself up when she is laying down, plus now she hardly stays on her back she always rolls over to her tummy and she loves it,


The boys are going great as well, Jason’s  speech is improving and so is Deacan’s though they are little ratbags and are always getting into trouble, speaking of that i have to go and sort these kids out.. until next time,

Take care all


Sarah xx

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