Paeds Letter

i got this letter today in the mail from Jades Paed



Jade is a young ex-premature infant that i met for the first time as an inpatient in march and then again in may of this year, She was managed initially in the mater mothers Hospital, as a premature infant where she had problems of suspected sepsis at birth secondary to chorioamniontis. She also had a germinal matrix bleed with some ventriculomegaly which resolved whilst in the nursery. Se had seizures whilst in the nursery and was on phenobarbtione for a short time but not discharged on any anticonvulsants, She did not have problems of chronic neonatal lung disease and no issues with her gut. She had some mild retinopathy of prematurity but this has resolved on themost recent review, in the nursery she had an MRI scan that was abnormal in that it showed a watershed type injury to both cerebal  hemispheres and multifocal petechial haemrrhages in cerebal and cerebella hemispheres, There was alsothe comment of the germinal matrix bleed that likely caused the hydrocephalous that resolved. She also had an EEG in February this year that was abnormal with focal slowing of left and right hemispheres and multifocal sharp waves of the left hemisphere


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