Mystery Satchels of Clothing

I have started up a new home business,  Where i made up random mystery satchels full of supre clothing, that still has it tags on, they are brand new never been worn, only thing is it has a mark through the barcode,

At the moment the cloths come in a 3kg satchel, though son i will be doing packs in a 3kg and 5 kg satchel, all clothes are random though they re al of one size, at the moment i am selling a mystery satchel of size “s” clothing

the packs are worth if not exceeding $200 worth of value, and you can get any items from Skirts, Top, Shirts, Pant, Shorts, Jackets, Skirts, the pack i have selling at the moment is here


Sizes of packs will either be XXS, XS, S, M, L and possibly XXL



I have also started up a new Facebook page as well Mystery Satchels Of Clothing feel free to check it out


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