So I haven’t really posted anything for a while. So I thought I would do a quick post on my phone while I’m having a cupper.

It’s been a pretty full in week this week from doing the markets last Sunday ( made like $200 profit ) to having physicist appointments to getting a new job and leaving my old job

I have a nice weekend planned for Daniel and I, I can’t go into detail as he doesnt know about it yet all I can say is it’s going to be a good one

I start my new job in Tuesday and I’m really looking forward to it, it will be a bit of a challenge though should be good and I should be good at it.

Jade is just about to get her third tooth, mum had her standing up yesterday and jade comes up to Jason’s shoulders I think she is going to be tall

The boy are well……… Themselves very testing and trying, pushing boundaries and seeing just how far they can push me, we are toilet training Jason he seems to be doing pretty well at it he spent the best part of the day yesterday in undies and only has one accident as deacan wouldn’t get off the toilet so Jason could go.

For me I am getting there I am having my good days and bad days though with therapy things should be good I have out on weight I am now 43.2kg I really thought I had lost weight though now I am borderline hospital admitting so I really need to try my hardest to gain the weight..

Well that’s it for now I will try to keep posting I would like to at least make one post a day even if it’s not much though yeah until next time take care be safe and most of all be happy xxoo


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