Mirror Mirror

mirror mirror on the wall
can you tell me whos that girl
that is right there staring back at me

That reflection is not me
I do not know
Who’s staring back at me,


Behind the crying eyes,

standing behind all the lies,

The person standing there is not me,

i used to be so happy

i used to be so healthy,

Now i am just skin and bone,

no energy and yet i stand before you all alone,

Not knowing where to stand

not knowing where to hide,

I feel like i am going out of my mind,


My heart is racing,

my hands are shaking,

trying to catch my breath before i pass out

When all i want to do is shout,


feeling so out of control,

Felling the world has slipped through my hands,

nothing ever goes right,

i just feel constantly sad,


Mirror Mirror on the wall,

Please tel me who is the girl

thats standing right in front of you,

as that girl is not me,

I have never seen her before





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