Why does it matter where and how women give birth? (Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond)

Why does it matter where and how women give birth? (Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond).


WOW thats all i can say


The Week That Was

I have been finding as the days get on i just don’t have enough time to do what i would like to do, and in saying that i am finding myself becoming more and more stressed, between appointments, kids, looking fr work, writing a book and general house duties there really isn’t any time to catch up with people, though mind you no one really wants to catch up any how, I quit my last Job due to the hours and also the stress from it, though like normal its just because i cant hold down a job, i have applied for over 100 jobs, though i guess my resume just dosnt look as good as others,


I really want to work from home as i now have my own ABN though i really have no idea what to do, or what would be any good

I have started to plan Jades 1st birthday party, though i have a feeling hardly anyone is going to show up like normal, i give plenty of notice, though still people can not make an effort, though i am very glad for the people who ave said yes that they are coming as i KNOW they will show up, Its funny how  people have a go at you as you never take the time to see them, though they forget that i have 3 children i need to bring with me and pack for and all that Jazz, its not that simple to just put kids in the car and go, though i guess im just the selfish one…


Starting to go through my friends list on facebook, going to cull it down some, im over reading some of the pathetic crap i do read… some people might think the same about what i write so they can just delete me, im really not going to loose any sleep at al over it

The week that was

Well where to i begin???

our whole house caught the flu, with jade being the one who gave it to ever one, it resulted in all of us being sick as a dog, is adults were bed ridden for at least a day going on two days

Yet again i have lost more weight due to the flu and stress from work (Ex work)i am now border line 40kgs IF i am lucky, I have no interest in eating i have to force food down my throat and in result of that every time i eat i feel like all i want to do is throw up… so it might be time tat i bite the bullet and ask my doctor to admit me into hospital for it, as he has been wanting to do it for quite a while now though i have been fighting him on it, telling him i can do it myself.. when in a matter of a fact i cant


I quit my job over the weekend, the stress was just way to much to handle i was finding myself crying on the train almost every morning and almost every evening after finishing as i had failed to make a sale, and was quite sick of my boss going off to the number of contacts that i had burned as i didn’t push ENOUGH to get the sale, though when they abuse you, hang up on you, or just flat out refuse to go through to the voice recording there isn’t to much that you can do, plus i was spending more money than what i was getting paid so it was starting to become very costly,


I have applied for so much more work, the fun task of applying and interviews seems to be like a roller coaster, why cant they tel you right there and there if you don’t stand a chance for the job? why do they make you wait and then get your hopes up with a phone cal just to shoot you in the guts to say NO SORRY YOU DIDN’T GET THE POSITION?, there isn’t really to much work available for me, i am 26 years old, i don’t have a year 12 certificate, i have no further education or “skills”, though yet i have a pretty awesome resume, though yet i keep doing the tidiest task of applying for work that someone younger than me will get… the joys of life i suppose


I guess this will now give me time to get my weight and own self demons in order and also possibly make a start on my book that i have been putting off writing as i have no idea where to start and in all honestly what to write about except life experiences, though there is quite a bit in my life that my own family and friends don’t know that i have been through or even done, and i guess you could say i am a little embarrassed to admit the shame that i have done in the past


On another sad note my mum’s mother died on Wednesday from a stroke, i didn’t know nan that well though it still hit me pretty hard, not as hard as it hit my mum, though i still found myself bawling my eyes out and still to now i have no idea why i had only met her a couple of times and out of those half of them we would argue Though she was part of my family and its pretty sad that our family is now less one member though i know she is up with her husband now and they are finally been reunited



Well thats if for now, i think i might leave early to go and pick the kids up we are about to have one hell of a thunderstorm about to hit, and between you and me i am shit scared of storms

The week that was

Well quite a bit has happened over the past week, between starting anew job and the kids and just life in general life has been pretty full on,


I love my new job i was down on the floor yesterday using the computer to sit a test thing we had to do and just the energy that is going on down there is unbelievable, oh and the music is pretty awesome to, i am sitting there trying to do the test and i was getting caught up in the music and listening to what was going on, i can really see tat i am going to like this job and hopefully go far in it (that’s if i can make the sales)


I was getting mum to drive me to work every morning though it was stating to cost to much in fuel so now i catch the train thanks to  friend at work who showed me what trains to catch etc, And now trains are really not that bad, i quite like catching the train, you see ALL SORTS of people on here lol, my new saying for out there people is calling them a liquorish all-sort


Kids are quite  good the boys keep pushing me to my limits though hey whats new right?


Jade is good her 3rd tooth is just about cut through,


I am still trying to get the guts to go up and see Bryce though i dont think thats going to happen any time soon, i just get so upset going out there 😦 though i do really miss him and would love to ay hello to him


Any way thats it for now, have to go sort these boys out, Jason has managed to get a screwdriver down from the microwave and is chasing Deacan around with it