The week that was

Well quite a bit has happened over the past week, between starting anew job and the kids and just life in general life has been pretty full on,


I love my new job i was down on the floor yesterday using the computer to sit a test thing we had to do and just the energy that is going on down there is unbelievable, oh and the music is pretty awesome to, i am sitting there trying to do the test and i was getting caught up in the music and listening to what was going on, i can really see tat i am going to like this job and hopefully go far in it (that’s if i can make the sales)


I was getting mum to drive me to work every morning though it was stating to cost to much in fuel so now i catch the train thanks to  friend at work who showed me what trains to catch etc, And now trains are really not that bad, i quite like catching the train, you see ALL SORTS of people on here lol, my new saying for out there people is calling them a liquorish all-sort


Kids are quite  good the boys keep pushing me to my limits though hey whats new right?


Jade is good her 3rd tooth is just about cut through,


I am still trying to get the guts to go up and see Bryce though i dont think thats going to happen any time soon, i just get so upset going out there 😦 though i do really miss him and would love to ay hello to him


Any way thats it for now, have to go sort these boys out, Jason has managed to get a screwdriver down from the microwave and is chasing Deacan around with it


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