The Week That Was

I have been finding as the days get on i just don’t have enough time to do what i would like to do, and in saying that i am finding myself becoming more and more stressed, between appointments, kids, looking fr work, writing a book and general house duties there really isn’t any time to catch up with people, though mind you no one really wants to catch up any how, I quit my last Job due to the hours and also the stress from it, though like normal its just because i cant hold down a job, i have applied for over 100 jobs, though i guess my resume just dosnt look as good as others,


I really want to work from home as i now have my own ABN though i really have no idea what to do, or what would be any good

I have started to plan Jades 1st birthday party, though i have a feeling hardly anyone is going to show up like normal, i give plenty of notice, though still people can not make an effort, though i am very glad for the people who ave said yes that they are coming as i KNOW they will show up, Its funny how  people have a go at you as you never take the time to see them, though they forget that i have 3 children i need to bring with me and pack for and all that Jazz, its not that simple to just put kids in the car and go, though i guess im just the selfish one…


Starting to go through my friends list on facebook, going to cull it down some, im over reading some of the pathetic crap i do read… some people might think the same about what i write so they can just delete me, im really not going to loose any sleep at al over it


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