Day 9

Today I am on day 9 the cravings are not that bad any more I have had no need to call quit line for any how. I am still wearing the patches though soon to be going down to step two. I have fallen ill quit bad since quitting and it has made me never to want to go back ad to go through all this again. I have laringitis ad also bronchitis though the doc is treating me for whooping cough as well as I am in early stages of that he thinks. So for my appetite has picked up quite a lot I am ratting more though I think I have out on 1kg roughly according to the scales though you can’t really tell


Well that’s it for now will post more later


Day 6

So I am on day 6 and I feel like shit. I have this cough thing going on where I have this tickle feeling at the back of y throat I have started coughing up phlegm and tar crap I have the doctor coming out as some of the stuff I’m coughing up is green also my throat is killing me it feels like razor blades. And it burns ūüė¶ nose is running and some what green as well so with out a doubt there is an infection going on.

All in all I feel better. In eating more as I’m not using the ciggeretts as a reason to no eat


So I’m looking like crap though I’m also not well

Day 4

Today is day 4 and so far so good I have found that the cravings are not as bad, I still have the patch on though I am less moody than what i was on day 1. Though being at work has also helped as well


The weekend is going to be a test though to say the least…. Though I just have to remember why I am quitting for and not let anyone stress me out

Quit Smoking Side effect

Its been 16 hours since my last smoke, i put my patch on at¬†roughly¬†6.30am this morning, i am having small amounts of¬†anxiety¬†at the moment my heart rate is up a little and i am on edge…. done some “Google” and this is what i found, though on an upside i have found myself hungry fr most of the day (its a good thing for me) and i have not drank as much coffee as i normally would of

Quit Smoking Side Effects

Stop Smoking Side Effects

The first week after quitting smoking is the most difficult, it gets easier and within eight to twelve weeks the comfort of the non-smoking lifestyle begins to take hold. Becoming an ex-smoker is not without side effects however. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and the withdrawals can be intense. One can expect headaches, anxiety, nausea, and the worst, a craving for tobacco. It’s a chemical dependency, and without maintainance, the body reacts. The side effects are stressful and unpleasant, but they do fade away after just a few days and will be completely gone in just six months.

The first two weeks are critical, seek all the support from family and friends you can find. The side effects to quitting begin just four hours after your last cigarette, generally they peak at three to five days, and then fade out after two weeks. The symptoms are both physical and mental.

The physical side effects should be treated as you would treat any other symptom. The mental symptoms are almost intolerable the first week, you will survive. You may feel clumsy or awkward, even accident prone. You may even exhibit infantile behavior and have a temper tantrum or two. This is why it’s important to tell people you are quitting, they will be tolerant, for awhile.

Depression is also a common short term effect, you could actually find yourself mourning the loss of your cigarettes. Keep a card on hand listing your reasons for quitting, make them positive and uplifting. This same card will come in handy during the mood swings too. It’s important to keep yourself from boredom, it leads to the depression.

Other side effects you can expect are not limited to, insomnia, vagueness, irritability, constipation, gas, cough, dry throat, nasal drip, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, frustration, restlessness, tightness of the chest, and weight gain. I know this all sounds terrible, but the good news is that it only last a few day, the withdrawal symptoms will go away and serve as a reminder to not smoke so you never have to go through that again. All these side effects are just the body purging itself of all the harmful chemicals.

Acknowledge it’s an addiction, understand the side effects you may experience after you quit smoking, be prepared to experience them and to treat the physical symptoms. Odds are you won’t experience all of them, but do expect to have a few of them. The more prepared you are the easier it will be.

Day one

First day with out a smoke really hasn’t been that bad I have a patch on though, though it seems to be helping. So far I have eaten breakfast and lunch and been a little hungry in between. I have started to cough a little not sure if that’s because my lungs are clearing or not I did try to have a sleep as I’m so very tired though I think the patch has made it so I can’t sleep (it’s one of the side effects)

I’m trying to find things to keep me occupied though in all honesty I really can’t be assed doing anything I’ve almost went out for a smoke a few times and had to remind myself that I have quit

Not to sure how I’ll be this afternoon as the kids aren’t home I guess it will give the patch a good run for its money


I had to tape my patch on as it was starting to fall off lol and couldn’t have that happening

Here is a self portrait of day one with out a smoke I hope things start to look better after a whole


Also mind you I have only had like 3 or less hours sleep in 24 hours also hoping that I start to gain the wait back to as I’m very under weight at the moment

(I’m laying on the bed at the moment I am roughly 41 or 42 kgs)

The Week That Was

Wow its been a while since i was last on here to make a post, things have been quiet busy around here with me working for my new job, the kids have been at¬†day care, and¬†Daniel¬†has been¬†busting¬†his ass at work…


Work hasn’t been to bad, for the days i have¬†actually¬†been there, i have had to take some time off for me and the kids as well, though yeah the girls at work are very lovely, and you can have a good time at work with mucking around and music and so forth, though they also help you out as well if you are¬†struggling¬† the hours are not to bad, though it leaves me with hardly any time to do the stuff around the house that i need to,¬†Monday¬†to¬†Friday¬†its 10.30 to 5.30 and Saturday its 9¬†am¬†to 1pm


Monday was a really busy day, and a very sore one to LOL, my father in law and his partner were over to give me a hand to get the house clean for a house inspection (we have the real estate from hell) i rushed to get the kids to day care so i could start cleaning as our dinning room table was full of clean clothes that had to be put away there was a huge amount of washing, also i had to b home in time to let the carpets guy in, any how i was starting to clean and i squatted down and yeah dislocated my hip, i stood straigh up and it placed it back in though i didnt know that when i done that i crushed the nerves, i carried on doing what had to be done as i knew if i stopped i wouldnt be able to walk, so later on in the day the pain got worse by that night i could hardly move the pain was that bad, i ended up going to hospital where they checked me over etc and yeah i crushed the nerves in my hip its been about a week now, i can walk on my leg now though i have constant pins and needles


Any way thats it for now the boys are miss behaving i will write more  abit later


Toddler are very funny.. well at times any how, i fin that my two keep me on my toes all the time, which can be a good thing and a bad thing all on its own,

You can hold a good conversation with   toddler, only if its what they want to talk about LOL,

I fin that my two an a half is quiet often scanning the place to see what he can get into, and you can see if in his face when ever he comes out into the kitchen or into our bedroom, he will look around then stop and run to something you tell him “no” or “don’t touch” and he just gives a cheeky grin then goes and does it any way i have also found that my food is not my food its theirs to, and you cant eat without them eating it, it doesn’t matter if they have the same thing though apparently yours is different and tastes better