Letting “Slip”

It amazing how you  “think” you can trust people, though the first chance they get they have to stick he knife in… guess some people cant be trusted at all,


I created a board/forum thing on facebook where people could just come and vent or say things that they couldn’t normally  say on their own Facebook page, as things might of been a secret or they just needed a non judgmental place they could go, to start with things were ok, though no not now people have to think they re better than anyone else and go running to people after something is vented like seriously how old are you???? like bloody 2?

so i have started a new forum off facebook now called Taking Time Out

if it takes off it takes off, i hope people can now have trust in this site that things wont “slip” as this way people wont be able to see anything unless they area member… and only i can choose who gets accepted


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