The Week That Was

Wow its been a while since i was last on here to make a post, things have been quiet busy around here with me working for my new job, the kids have been at day care, and Daniel has been busting his ass at work…


Work hasn’t been to bad, for the days i have actually been there, i have had to take some time off for me and the kids as well, though yeah the girls at work are very lovely, and you can have a good time at work with mucking around and music and so forth, though they also help you out as well if you are struggling  the hours are not to bad, though it leaves me with hardly any time to do the stuff around the house that i need to, Monday to Friday its 10.30 to 5.30 and Saturday its 9 am to 1pm


Monday was a really busy day, and a very sore one to LOL, my father in law and his partner were over to give me a hand to get the house clean for a house inspection (we have the real estate from hell) i rushed to get the kids to day care so i could start cleaning as our dinning room table was full of clean clothes that had to be put away there was a huge amount of washing, also i had to b home in time to let the carpets guy in, any how i was starting to clean and i squatted down and yeah dislocated my hip, i stood straigh up and it placed it back in though i didnt know that when i done that i crushed the nerves, i carried on doing what had to be done as i knew if i stopped i wouldnt be able to walk, so later on in the day the pain got worse by that night i could hardly move the pain was that bad, i ended up going to hospital where they checked me over etc and yeah i crushed the nerves in my hip its been about a week now, i can walk on my leg now though i have constant pins and needles


Any way thats it for now the boys are miss behaving i will write more  abit later


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