Day one

First day with out a smoke really hasn’t been that bad I have a patch on though, though it seems to be helping. So far I have eaten breakfast and lunch and been a little hungry in between. I have started to cough a little not sure if that’s because my lungs are clearing or not I did try to have a sleep as I’m so very tired though I think the patch has made it so I can’t sleep (it’s one of the side effects)

I’m trying to find things to keep me occupied though in all honesty I really can’t be assed doing anything I’ve almost went out for a smoke a few times and had to remind myself that I have quit

Not to sure how I’ll be this afternoon as the kids aren’t home I guess it will give the patch a good run for its money


I had to tape my patch on as it was starting to fall off lol and couldn’t have that happening

Here is a self portrait of day one with out a smoke I hope things start to look better after a whole


Also mind you I have only had like 3 or less hours sleep in 24 hours also hoping that I start to gain the wait back to as I’m very under weight at the moment

(I’m laying on the bed at the moment I am roughly 41 or 42 kgs)


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