The Right?

I am really confused about this one.. really has me struggling… though what makes people think they have a right to tell you how to raise your kids??? is it because they have fucked up raising their own? and possibly feel guilty as they were really there for their own? now they think that they have to step in This really annoys me more than any polite words could say



Some people honestly infuriate me more than words can express…. i don’t know what would be better, trying to reason with them or just smashing my head up against brick wall


Some just have nothing ever nice to say to you all they seem to want to ever do is just nag on you or constantly tell you negative shit about what you are doing wrong, and how you were doing this at this age and all this other bull shit


I guess its true if they are not happy in their own life they have to do what ever they can to bring you down, i could quite easily post all this drama conversation my father started with me tonight, though its not worth the hassle of the possible shit fight it would start, though once again it will be ALL my fault, as once again i will be the one who is doing all the drama oh well i guess shit happens and so the the assholes that cause it, i so love the word karma, as its going to totally comeback and ass fuck you with the spiky part of a pineapple and i am sorry though you will have no one but yourself to blame



As you can see i don’t have time for peoples bullshit, or for people getting on their might ped-a-stool (not sure how to spell it so that looks good enough) so next time they are on it around me i should give them a little shove and watch them face plant the ground then i could you tube it and see how many hits it would get LOL ( sorry couldn’t help myself with that one)



Any way thats it for now, the boys are playing up in their room ( they are meant to be sleeping)


Rubbing it in?

Why does it feel like people keep rubbing it in for? i dont think they are doing it on purpose though still its everywhere i look… it does get  upsetting to see it everywhere … its just upsetting,


dont worry im just having a vent


I don’t know if its hormones or what though I’m such an emotional mess…. Songs are making me tear up to the point I have to fight to hold back the tears same with rev episodes and photos online my hormones feel Si out of wack 😦

In the mean time I have put weight on I’m not sure how much though I can tell I have, on another note its been roughly 25 days since I had my last smoke. I have found the past couple of days a real struggle as I am now on step 3 patches though I can do this 🙂

Blankets for the world

so i was thinking as i love to do my Crocheting i was thinking about making blankets for al through out the world, to places that need them that have been hit by natural disasters and for people who have nothing, a blanket might not seem like much though when you have nothing and need to keep warm it could mean the world to someone, blankets dont take me long to make if i sit there and do them,
if you would like to hep out or donate towards it please feel free to do so

Keyboard bullies

I’m sure they have been around for years and they ate just going to get more and more as the years get on…. I’m sorry to say though they are the sort that are never going to go away yep I’m sure you have guessed it by now I am talking about keyboard bullies they are every were you have them in Facebook, chat sites, forums and even blogs….

They seem to think that they know everything and that they are so much smarter than everyone else. Though if you ever find one who is wrong and make a point of it all he’ll is unleashed. It’s funny to see how someone can be so tough and full of hatred though they are nothing but a pimple on your buttocks in real life

I guess in a way we need keyboard bullies as we need to make them feel like try are important some how I guess.

One thing I don’t seem to understand is how a computer screen, a keyboard and a mouse can make someone so tough…… Like come on. How immature can someone be????? How gutless can a person be????

I might get a little violent here and there online though I am the same in person if I have a problem with you I tell you I would rather do it in person though if I can’t get to you in person I will let you know if that should be via email, txt or if need be Facebook.

The ones that really get y back in an arch are the ones who think they are all high and mighty and think they are king shit, you then confront them and oh wow we are so tough an just to prove it they will caps lock all their words ad add a while heap of ” !!!!!!!!” At the end of it oh wow you have me so scared

What ever happened to people growing a set and doing it to your face?????

I’m sorry this might seem like a whole heap of nonsense though I guess I just needed to vent

Day 17

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I should do so….

So it’s been 17 days since I quit smoking I have been tempted to have one a few times though haven’t gone back. Today is my last day on step 1 patches tomorrow I go onto step 2 Sibiu with have withdrawals again though nothing major. I have out some weight on ( I can tell though I don’t think others can)


I can now walk up stairs with huffing and puffing as well I’m still coughing up a little phlegm though nothing massive just need to find ways to help with my stress levels now and my short fuse as I am finding that’s getting the better of me now