What right?

Why do people think that they have the right to come my person page in Facebook and think they know better than me about my kids
What gives them the right to tell me I shouldn’t have my kids and that I don’t put them first like seriously you HAVE NO IDEA about me or my children or what they get up to though that’s right just because they were not born with silver spoons shoved up their ass I don’t put them first……..
My kids get the very best care, they are always in clean clothes, they have a nice warm clean bed to sleep in, they are have their bellies full and they have a mother and father who love them very much
I have quiet often gone with out so my kids could have what they need
And to turn around and tell me I’m not thankful for them where the hell do you get off,
Remove your head from your ass and get the fuck over your self centred self
I lost a child then had another one at 25 weeks and watched him fight for his life for 88days until he was allowed to come home with us, then I had another one at 33 weeks who I had to spend 10 weeks prior in hospital with due to complications and contractions and then had a little girl who was born at 30 weeks with some quiet bad health concerns who could pass away at any day with the brain problems she has…. So thank you very fucking much I am so thankful and grateful for my children and every day I have with them….. So what they piss me off with being naughty and throwing tantrums biting hitting throwing things and because I need to vent that means I’m not grateful of thankful fucking wake up lady……


2 thoughts on “What right?

  1. Hi Sarah, my name is Linda, i stumbled onto this page when i was googling for info about autism,, i wrote 1 girl and then 3 boys came up so i clicked, i am just learning computers,lol, Your thoughts are so gut wrenching and yea, what right do ppl have to tell you this stuff, you must feel awful, i have a little neice who is borderline autistic, she can’t stand loud noises, bright lights and throws tantrums in shopping centres, needless to say her mum has been critisised just for going to shop for food and glared at like she is a monster. i have decided to join fbook so i can maybe find more friends who have some thing in common…i don’t have any friends as yet and hope that i might be able to be added to your friends list,,,you sound like you have to battle a lot..feel for you..Linda Lou.

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