You would think that family would give you support regarding your work hey you think that they would back you and give you all the advice that you need…
Running your own business isn’t that easy I have been doing it since January from scratch on my own I bust my ass everyday working hard and trying to find more clients
And just once it would be nice if someone said good job or well done I never hear any praise for it only negative things
Running your own business with 3 small children and a husband that works full time and can’t really help with the kids is very hard I know a lot of single mums do it with out any help what so ever don’t get me wrong my husband does help out once he is home though if the kids are sick I have to stay home and look after them I have had to take time off once I had small surgery and I lost clients as I wasn’t able to do their cleans

I guess I would just like it for people to stop being so negitive and just for once say well done