Drama Drama Drama

Well i havent posted in a while and i am really sorry been really busy with the kids and also with work and home life ETC,

Work has been really good, still working quiet a bit busy,

I am now trained in Nightfil, Dairy, Deli and Service (Check outs)

So as most of you probably already know from Facebook or Fertility Friend i am pregnant again we are expecting our new bundle of joy on  1st May,

I am praying to hell this time i can go to term, the OB is placing another stitch in this time at 14 weeks, and i will also be going straight on progesterone I’ve  quit smoking this time and have quit for good,

Im trying my hardest to eat right  and also cut down my coffee intake,,
Now i only drink 3 cups of coffee a day and then if i want a hot drink its milo, i no longer drink iced coffee, though if i want one i will just drop one of my hot coffees,
The stress levels at the  moment are quiet high though i am trying to get them lower,

Hubby still isnt happy about the pregnancy and to be honest at the start neither was i, as we were trying not to get pregnant, i was charting though didnt use OPKS or temp this cycle, as daniel was adminint that we were using condoms the whole cycle though 2 of them broke.

though the other cycles i did use opk and temp as we didn’t always use condoms, we only used them if it was around the time i ovulated, though after clear ovulation we wouldn’t use condoms and so far it had been working, though yeah 2 condoms broke at 2 different times, and yeah i found out i was pregnant the day before my period was due, just because i was feeling nausea (i had been for a good couple of days) my lower back was hurting on and off and my breasts were really soar)





Though all the drama has now unfolded on Facebook and fertility friend Facebook is because i am pregnant again, and Fertility friend is because they all think i done this on purpose, and seriously i didn’t,
To be honest i really didnt want to have another baby, i have been fighting with my gynaecologist to get a hysterectomy done, as contraception just dont agree with me or just doesn’t work, so i was booked in to have the merinia placed back in though that wasnt until November

though now people have nothing better to do than to bad mouth me, constantly and add more stress to what i already have, i am pretty sure they are just keyboard bullies, and push come to shove  they would just be little mice if you saw them face to face, though i am not going to stoop to their level and retaliate as i know for fact im not doing this for attention, i dont have time for the crap, life is busy now between kids and work and other appointments, let alone to find time to sit and try to get attention,,,,, I honestly dont get that much time to sit at the computer,

Though any way thats it for now, have to go check on the kids, they are being quiet LOL


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