Its been a while

Its been ages since I made a post about everything that is going on….
I have no idea where to start…


Well im now 33+5 weeks pregnant with master domonic this is the furthest I have ever been as of 2 days ago he was weighing 4 pound 5 ounces. Its a little on the small side for me though I guess its about tine that I have a small babybfor a change
Things with jordan and I are going great been together now for almost 6 months and he has been wonderful through out this whole process.
The kids are going ok I guess its been ages since I last seen them 😦 I think daniel is taking great honor in keeoing them from me. Though he will get his day when i take him to court and get them back, I cant see any judge being to happy with the fact that i was forced into signing them over while I was in hospital with threatened pre term labor.  Plus with the amount if pain relief medication I was on either, though at least I know they are safe (well I hope they are any how)
Just under 6 months and I can finally file for divorce. I dont think that day can come quick enough
Any way thats about it for them time being will post more later


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