But slack

So I’ve been a bit slack and gone back on my word I haven’t done a post everyday like I said I would 👎👎👎

So to update with what’s going on, domonic is now almost 10 months old he is 9.5kgs as well. I have started a health kick to put weight on and in less than a week I have put on 1kg though for most that’s not a big deal though for me it is as I seem to loose weight just like that

I’m still trying to come to terms with my dreams as they are scary as hell. Mostly they are very gory dreams of Bryce or really bad things happening to him, though I’ve been taking my mess like clock work though I have a feeling they will need to be upped…..

I’m trying my hardest to keep all the negative people out of my life and to remain positive though the great thing is that the trash took its self out on Facebook so one less thing I have to worry about

I’m really starting to get into my gardening I have made a compost bin and replanted some seeds, my aim is to dig up most of the front/side lawn and plant a whole heap there so we can live off the land

Anyway domonic is starting to crack up as its his bed time so might post some later


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