Life is life

I’ve come to the understanding that life is life. Life is pretty much what you make it… You can have a positive out Look on life of a negative out look on life, either way the way you look at it will determine the type of people you will attract 💃

Everyone’s outlook is different, I don’t even know how describe mine, I see the positive though prepare for the negative if that makes sense, I can no longer handle any aggressive behaviour though in saying that I won’t back down or cower down from anything any more as I have done to much of that in life as is, and I am not used to being treated like a doormat, so now I speak up I don’t sugar coat anything and I say it as it is, it doesn’t phase me if it’s going to hurt anyone as I believe that lying will hurt more

I also think that your surroundings also have an impact on your life, if you a living in clutter or a mess then your life will be out of order and chaotic though in saying that if everything has a place and is all neat and tidy in reality in your life if anything changes it will send your life into a whirlwind 🌋🌋🌋 so it’s great to have balance in your life

I’m no expert or anything and I’m not trying to tell people how to live their lives though just giving my opinion from my eyes and my heart due to my life and the way I live mine……

I mostly find that cold rainy days automatically make my day horrid as its just so horrible outside, though then that’s how I see it, and I guess I have talked myself into it. Though if it’s a nice sunny day I automatically have a great outlook on the day and I tend to enjoy it more, though I am one of those people who don’t like change if something changes and my plans change my whole day goes into chaos,

I would gladly be open to anyone else’s opinions on this as well, so feel free to share


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