Saying “I do


when two people decided to “tie the knot” or say “I Do” I believe that it should be the real deal,
To many people these days are getting married just for something to do, or because they think they are In love. They rush into it. What ever happened to dating for a while then being engaged for a while then getting married???

I can speak from knowledge about this I was married at 21 and was only engaged for less than 6 months it wasn’t a shot gun wedding though we rushed into it, and now 7 years later I’m trying my hardest to get divorced, I “thought” that I was in love with my ex husband though being young and foolish I really didn’t know what love was,

If and a very big IF I ever get married again I want it to be the real thing, the whole getting down on one knee and being asked and truly feeling the love of of the person who is asking me, not like last time, my ex proposed to me while he was in the shower while we were having an argument

I want it to be with someone who I WANT to spend the rest of my life with, I want it to be with someone who makes me whole, and who is my everything, also someone who loves me for me and doesn’t try to make me into someone I am not,

Marriage is meant to be a special occasion between two people who are in love, it is a legally combining contract that you sign to love the other person in sickness and in health for better or worse etc….. Not to just give up when the going gets tough…..

I’m currently going through a nasty divorce one I can’t wait for it to go through and looking back on it and the way I feel now I honestly don’t think I was ever “in love” I knew my ex husbands mother really didn’t like me and most of his family hated me and to be honest most of my family didn’t like him either so I can honestly say I’m pretty sure I got married out of spite….

The way I feel know for my current partner I have never felt for anyone ever before, even though we fight about trivial crap and every day things, I would be lost with out him, as he makes me feel whole, he has seen me at my worse and possibly at my best (we have only been together for 15 months) we have been through a lot already and as much as I get angry and annoyed at things that he does and want to pull my hair out at times I really wouldn’t change it for the world

Now this post isn’t meaning for me to hint at anything though myself my partner and my friend were sitting down and talking about it and it has inspired me to write this post,

I just honestly think people rush into it and also spend way to much, though in saying that it’s meant to be something that only happens once so why not make your special day something to remember,

So to conclude this post if it ever does happen again I want it to be to the right person and I want it to be romantic, I want it to be a day I will NEVER forget nor will I ever want to forget


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