Spoilt little boy

Well I must say domonic is one spoilt little boy. He gets home cooked veggies every day. The veggies I put in there vary depending in what I can get my hands on though mainly sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, zuccine and either tuna or chicken he seems to love it. Its good in a way ad I know what he is getting and I then know he is getting all the nutrients that he needs.
Though now he won’t eat the packaged stuff lol. I also add in some garlic at times to just to help boost his immune system also add in a pinch or two of salt as it is summer now and he sweats quiet a lot. U don’t puree it any more just mash it as he has 4 front teeth that he now uses. Slowly I will start adding more into it or hopefully he will be able to start eating what we eat.

daily thoughts of Sarah


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