Social media 👎👏👎💣⭐️

Social media used to be for catching up with friends and family, sharing stories and photos etc, though now it’s just gone out of control.
People can stalk you on it, or use things against you because of it,

Everyone has had the decision regarding how social media should be used, I have been very guilty of venting on it or trying to get some form of attention on it, though I have realised it causes nothing but drama,

One thing that really grinds my gears about it, is that I will forward thing on there that I see whether it’s a funny forward, a video or a post that I do find funny, or if it touches home for me, sometimes I post things that really make me angry as well, though it always seems to offend someone they always take it to heart and think it’s about them, and I’m the type of person if it is to do with someone I will tag them in it, I can’t help it if it makes someone else feel guilty etc, as they say if the shoe fits then wear it 👣👣👣

I have to hold back on a lot of things that I post as it really upsets people though I don’t see why I should have to it’s my personal page I think if people don’t like it then there is an “unfriend” button though I don’t know if they keep me as a friend just to see if they can cause more drama or just to stalk my page, I’m sure others have felt like this as well

Though I am guilty of posting thing as I know it will annoy people and because they want to keep their nose in my business they won’t unfriend me, that goes for family and friends, I have people on there that only have me added to see what goss they can find out to tell others, I think that’s pretty pathetic as well,

Has anyone else have any thoughts on social media??? If so I would love to hear about them

Have a great day 🌹🌹🌹


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