Witching hour at its worse 😱😱😱😱

Ok so we can’t be the only ones there has to be others out there in the same boat!!!
Though why does it always seem like a nightmare to get an infant to sleep of a night…. Bub normally goes down between 6 and 7pm though for the past week he has been a total nightmare…. He is teething, though we have an amber necklace on him we give him teething gel and nurofen about 10 to 15 minutes before bed, he takes his bottle and about half the time he goes straight to sleep…. Though the other half of the time he just screams and I mean ear piercing screams I would rather hear nails being ran down a chalk board!!!

So we go in to him make sure he is ok though he just keeps screaming there is nothing wrong with him… Is anyone else in the same boat??? Any tips would be great

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