Deacan Patrick James Atkinson

Deacan was born on the 23rd March 2010 at 33 weeks and 3 days gestation, weighing 2082g and 42 cm long

10 weeks prior to Deacan being born i spent 10 weeks straight in the Mater Mothers Hospital in pre term labor, with out the help from the Mater Mothers hospital i would of Had Deacan at 22 weeks gestation when labor very first started

Monday the 22nd march I woke up having little niggly pains like I always had I didn’t think too much of it, though I still gave mum a call and told her that I thought that Deacan would be here either today or tomorrow, mum came down to give me a hand for the day and also so I could see Jason as mum was having him for 2 weeks,
the pains came and go though nothing I couldn’t walk or talk through, though I had a very bad dull pain in my lower back so mum and I decided to go for a walk up to the shops, its only about 5 mins walk up the road,
went up there and done what we needed to, by then the pain in my back had got worse, I took some pain killers that the hospital gave to me and had a sit down, mum left with Jason and then dad arrived home, I was starting to get some pretty bad cramps though still nothing regular, it was about 7.30pm Monday night I was cooking tea and had a bad pain hit in the lower back and then go around to my front, it didn’t last long though hurt enough to double me over on the bench,
I said to dad later on that night that I thought I was in labour though wasn’t to sure (as I had, had a heap of false alarms,)
so I had an early night about 8.30pm I think it was I told dad that I was going to take some more of my strong pain killers and that if I could sleep through the contractions then they were not real ones, so off to bed I went

12.30am Tuesday 23rd march I woke up with the sudden urge to throw up and had some pretty bad pains, so just thought it was because my bladder was full so went to the bathroom and threw up, started to get some more pains, then I emptied my bladder just in case it was that, then hobbled back to bed still getting some pains,
2 AM I woke up with very bad pains that I couldn’t lay down through nor sleep through I got up, went out for a smoke, tried to sit on the back step couldn’t even do that, turned on the computer so I could start timing them, it was about 2.10am I placed up on facebook “holy fing contractions I think I am in labour” then the pains got that bad at 2.15am I couldn’t even stand through them, I woke dad up who was sleeping on the couch, dad woke up with a fright, and also thinking that he has slept through his alarm,
dad got up made himself a quick coffee I was sitting down timing the contractions, at this stage I thought they were 3 to 5 mins apart lasting for about 1 min each, so I gave the phone to dad and he called 000
at about 2.30am,
I spoke to the lady on the phone, we timed 2 or 3 of the contractions, she said that they were less than 3 mins apart and that the ambulance was on our road, not sure if they had lights or what not on though,
though the ambulance came and took me to the hospital, this was at about 2.45am (I think not too sure about times) got to the hospital at around 3am the ambulance driver took a wrong turn lol, I told them that I needed to push, so they gave me the green whistle and told me to suck on that and not to push, at about 3.10am I ended up in the delivery room the nurse checked me I was 8 to 9 cm dilated, I started to push and scream at the same time,
I was so scared I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to be alone, though Deacan was not waiting for anyone to get there lol he wanted out right there and then,
at 3.30am Deacans head was out and the nurse told me to stop pushing I told her that I couldn’t help but to push, she said that it would do me more harm than good, so I panted and 3 mins later Deacan was born weighing 2086g and was 45 cm long, the nurse then told me that she got me to stop pushing as the cord was around his neck and she needed to get it off,
Though a very quick and somewhat painful deliver though a very safe one


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